Oligomeric ferrocene rings

Front cover art for Nature Chemistry, Vol 8, Issue 9. Image: Michael S. Inkpen, Cover Design: Karen Moore.

About the cover – “Cyclic molecules in their many and varied forms have long fascinated chemists and ferrocene is undoubtedly an iconic structure in its own right. Now, a team led by Tim Albrecht and Nicholas Long have made macrocycles built up from directly linked ferrocene units. These nanorings, containing 5, 6, 7 or 9 metal centres, are found to be highly symmetric in solution and exhibit fast intramolecular electron transfer between the redox sites. The X-ray structure of the cyclo[6] compound is shown on the cover.”

Article: Inkpen et al., “Oligomeric ferrocene rings”, Nature Chem., 2016, 8, 825

News and Views: Musgrave and Manners, “Organometallic chemistry: Fused ferrocenes come full circle“, Nature Chem., 2016, 8, 819.

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